How to make spicy rotel dip

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Ground the meat and add the frozen seasoning.Not sold in a store near you? Make your own!It's basically green&red bell peppers,and oinions. *Make sure you season your meat to taste!

The beef I used was 80% lean, but which ever one you choose is up to you.

Take out your box of cheese.

Chop the whole block into cubes. First cut three strips.

Flip it over

Cut it into three again.

Then cut into cubes

Add in the cans of Rotel, let it cook down for about 5 min. , then stir in the cheese cubes.

Let all of the cheese melt.

And your done😁

Enjoy with tortilla chips or Ritz® crackers

Watch the video: How to make Spicy ROTEL DIP!!. SUPERBOWL SNACKS!!

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