How to spot fake puma by rihanna fur sliders

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Wrapping: Fenty Fur Slide's come with a unique double layer of wrapping inside the box. The top layer will have small Puma + by Rihanna logos printed onto it.

Embroidery: The embroidery work of the jumping cat is also thick and rounded like the Puma typeface, take note of the cat's rounded shoulder.

Made In: Fenty Fur Sliders will have the country of manufacture debossed into the sole. Make sure the typeface used is correct and that the letters are clear and sharp.

The goal of the goVerify guides are to help online shoppers not get caught out by fakes. Get the full guide here:

Watch the video: PUMA FENTY FAKE Or REAL?! JUST FOR 999- MRP: 5999-


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