How to create a mission statement with mad libs

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Sometimes the hardest part of creating a brand is describing it to the world. So our friends at FedEx are sponsoring our Build Your Digital Brand Online Class so that you can take it for FREE!

Knowing what you aren’t is just as important as knowing what you are! Think of some companies that could be your competitors, brands that inspire you + ones that just really aren’t your jam.

MAD LIB 1: My company is [characteristic 1] + [characteristic 2] but never [characteristic 3]. (For example, “My company is vibrant + authentic but never disorganized.”)

Take a second to think about what the goods or services you offer add to your user’s life. You’re not just selling a product or service, you’re selling the impact it has on someone’s life.

MAD LIB 2: My company’s mission is to [serve X purpose] for [target user] through [good/service]. (For example, “My company’s mission is to inspire personal growth in creatives through fun classes.”)

For a whole lot more info on getting your brand off the ground, make sure to check out our FREE Build Your Digital Brand Online Class through December 31st, 2016.

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