How to just play on an art journal page

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I prepared the page with gesso, by scraping it onto the surface with an "old creditcard". No need to dry the gesso.

Continue scraping on Pixie Sorbet, Lagoon Velvet and Emerald gemstones. As I planned to continue with orange and red, I dried the page first before continuing.

Scrape the Tango Velvet, Mayan Gold Velvet and Ferrari Sorbet onto the background. Leave to dry properly.

Draw some shapes onto the background.

fill in the background around the shapes with gesso by rubbing it on with a finger. Do it in sections...

.... and remove some of the gesso with a stencil and babywipe.

Fill it all up, use other stencils as well.

Close up of a part where I've used the gothic stencil to remove some of the gesso.

Leave to dry completely!

Close up of a part where I've used the tick-tock stencil to remove some of the gesso.

Draw around the shapes with a black acrylic marker as shown, and add the stems again.

All drawing done.

Fill in the parts between the lines with a white acrylic marker, and in case you disturb the black lines, fill these in again. Splatter some white paint too.

Draw white accents around the words TIME, also with a white acrylic marker.

Add white marks around the little blocks from the blocked stencil, too.

Sponge over the TickTock stencil with Worn Lipstick Distress Ink (the XII and III) , and add lines around it with a white acrylic marker.

Sponge over the Bubbles stencil as shown with Black Soot Distress ink. Accentueate them with a white acrylic marker.

Sponge over the Let's Face-it stencil (oooo, these are gorgeous stencils!) with Black Soot Distress ink and heat emboss it with clear embossing powder. Don't you just LOVE this page?

Color the eyes with a pink, green and blue watercolor pencil, and add some white with a white acrylic marker as shown.

Nice detail!

Do you see the glimmery surface within the 'pods' ?

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