How to make a roof and chimney in minecraft

First build a house with any wood.

Make a flat ceiling using the same wood that you used for the outside wall.

Then use a different color stairs and place them on the outside edge of the house. After that place any block on the inside of the stairs.

Place the same stairs on the blocks you placed inside the stairs and place any block on the inside of the new stairs.

Do the same thing for the next level of the roof and keep repeating those steps until there are four blocks at the top.

Place the stairs in a square at the top of the roof. It may take a few tries to have the flat part of the stairs not showing from each side.

Go to the front of the house where the front doors are and break four blocks to make a square on the second and third level of the roof.

Make the chimney with bricks and make the chimney a couple of blocks high and flat on the top.

If you don't want smoke coming out of your chimney, your done! If you do then basically build a stair case three blocks high out of cobwebs.

Break the cobwebs you used to get the cobwebs in the right spot. Hint: the cobwebs should only be touching at the corners.

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