How to diy fauxligraphy holiday ornaments

Gather your supplies. Get your lettering guide here:

Practice tracing the holiday sayings and adding the fauxligraphy line on all of the downstrokes with the black pen.

Now, write the holiday saying onto an ornament. Sometimes the metallic pens are too thick to make the second, fauxligraphy line, so you can free hand the thicker strokes.

Let your ink dry for at least 10-20 minutes

Hang your holidays ornaments on the tree, add to a seasonal wreath or give them away as gifts to your friends.

Our downloadable lettering guide features three festive lettering styles that you can mimic. Get these free downloads by visiting our parent site Brit + Co.

Watch the video: Epsom Salt Ornament Tutorial - Epsom salts can turn powdery over time - see description.

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