How to enter our dream holiday party contest

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We're hosting our 1st ever PINTEREST CONTEST. So it's time for you to dream up the most magical holiday party EVER.

Did we mention you could win $500 in prizes?! Yeah, you're going to want to read on...

1. Follow Snapguide on Pinterest:

2. Create a board with your favorite recipes and decor DIYs from Snapguide and beyond! We want to see your dream holiday party.

3. Title your board 'My Dream Holiday Party'.

4. Make sure all your pins have the hashtag #snapguide and #contest.

5. Check out our Holiday Dream Board for inspo!

6. Submit your board by entering the link in the comments below!

See Official Rules for full details.

Watch the video: What to Wear to a Company Holiday Party. by Erin Elizabeth


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