How to do a french braid

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Step 1: Brush out all hair and make sure there are no knots. If the hair is knotted it will be harder to braid the hair.

Step 2: Part the hair straight down the middle to ensure an even braid. Then grab a small front portion of hair as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Take the front side of the hair and part it into three strands.

Step 4: Take the far left strand and cross it over the middle strand in between the middle and far right strand.

Step 5: Then take the far right strand and cross it over the middle strand (previously far left stand). Then place it in between the middle stand and the far left strand(previously far left strand).

Step 6: You will continue step 3 and 4 but each time add hair from the sides. The portion of hair added is up to you but make sure that you add the same amount of hair each time you cross any strands.

Step 6 continue: Take in consideration how much hair the person has when deciding how much hair to add each time.

Step 7: continue braiding hair and when you run out of hair to braid continue as a normal braid(crossing strands over each other).

Step 8: Finish off the braid by putting a hair tie at the end.

Step 9(optional): If you want a loose look pull the braided area slightly and do this for the whole braid. If you want a tight look leave the braid as is.

Congratulations you have completed a French braid!

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