How to make a diy halloween witch cake

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Buy a plain iced cake...I get mine like this from the Target Bakery

Mix up some buttercream frosting or use premade and crush up some oreos

Add a layer of buttercream to the top to create a base for the nest step.

Cover the top of the cake with the frosting

Next, add crushed oreos over the top of the frosting to look like "dirt"

Line the base of the cake with candy corn for some added color and texture.

Print the FREE Halloween Printables from

Cut out the printables and attach them to the wooden skewers using hot glue

Optional Step: Attach Tissue Fringe to each leg of the witch.

Insert the printables into the cake

Step back and admire your creation!

Watch the video: How to make a Halloween witch cake topper. Jak zrobić figurkę wiedźmy na tort

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