How to make a diy clothespin photo wreath

Gather all your materials and prep your area so you can properly perform this DIY.

Take your piece of cardboard and draw on it a medium sized circle (with a diameter of 6 3/4 inches).

Take your same piece of cardboard as before, and draw a smaller circle (with a diameter of 5 1/2 inches) inside the larger one.

Use your X-Acto knife (sharp cutting tool) and cut out the outer and then inner circle of the cardboard, leaving you with a cardboard ring/wreath.

(Optional), give your cardboard ring/wreath color by spray painting or wrapping ribbon or string around it.

(Optional), take your clothespins and decorate them with paint or other materials, bringing color to the product.

Grab and evenly spread out your clothespins on your ring/wreath (without glueing them), to plan out where each will be placed.

Attach each of your clothespins to your cardboard wreath/ring by hot glueing the handle end of each clothespin to its chosen spot.

Gather all your photos you wish to display and clip them on to each of your clothespins. You can even add items other than photos such as cards or tickets.

Enjoy your creative, personal, and cute DIY clothespin Wreath! :)

Watch the video: How To Make a Photo Wreath

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