How to make home fries

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Step one: thoroughly wash the potatoes to make sure theres no dirt or germs

Step two: cut up the potatoes and put them into a dish that has a cover

Step 3: sprinkle each seasoning over the potatoes, make sure not to add too much garlic-salt

Step 4: divide two tablespoons of butter into 5 and put one piece in each corner and one in the center

Step 5: put the cover on and place it in the microwave, pressing the 'Potato' button 4 times

Step 6: once it's done, open the microwave door and use pot-holders to hold the handles of the dish and shake it around. Be sure to hold down the lid while you do this

Step 7: Put it back in the microwave and press 'Potato' 4 times again

Step 8: Serve :)

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