How to make a confetti cannon

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or other life events, grownups deserve fun too! We teamed up with Studio INK to bring that magic back to adult life by showing you how to make a confetti cannon!

Gather your supplies.

Tape cardstock in the pattern or color of your choice onto to your paper roll.

Fold the edges of the cardstock into the roll and repeat to add additional strips of color.

Nail four holes into the top of one of your plastic bottle caps.

String two long pieces of embroidery thread through the holes so that they cross in the middle and leave a long strand coming out of each of the four holes.

Hot glue each end of the spring onto a bottle cap so that the cap with the embroidery thread is facing outwards and the plain cap is facing inwards.

Punch a hole into either side of your paper roll near the end.

Pull two of the four threads through one hole and the two leftover threads through the other hole.

Hot glue the outer bottle cap into the paper roll and tie all four threads together in a knot.

When your hot glue is totally cool, fill the open end of the cannon with confetti.

Pull back on the string and let go for a confetti explosion!!

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