How to make custom diy wall art for the dorm room

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Decorating a dorm room can be a tricky and expensive business so we’ve teamed up with Walmart to share tips and tricks for creating a dream dorm room that you can actually afford.

First tip, some totally DIY-able wall art for your dorm room walls. Gather your supplies.

Cut several lengths of yarn about 3 ft long.

Starting at the base of the rug, tuck the crochet hook through one of the loops in the rug, hook the top loop of the yarn on the crochet hook and pull the loop through.

Then, pull the two ends of the yarn through this loop and tighten.

Using the same color yarn, repeat this many more times in a row, then trim the yarn. Make more lines of yarn in different colors up to the halfway point on your rug.

Make more lines of yarn in different colors up to the halfway point on your rug.

Fold the rug in half over the dowel, then use embroidery thread to stitch the rug in place.

Then, loop more yarn around the two edges of the dowel, then tie these pieces together in a firm knot. Hook this knot on the wall, then call it a day!

How easy is that? It’s simple but on the slightly time-consuming side, so we recommend making your own version while binging on Netflix.

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