How to create a rainbow imagine canvas

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Start off with some grungy old brushes and hot glue them to a canvas.

Paint over with a primer like gesso and let dry.

Next add thick layer of Art Anthology's Mud to canvas for texture and to stick random found objects in.

Press fun found objects into Mud and let dry.

Then paint over with a layer of primer or gesso and let dry.

Find any wood cut words and letters and paint with a gesso or primer.

Add Art Anthology's Velvet in Lemon Tart to canvas. I use a lot of yellow in beginning so I can blend other colors on top.

Next paint on Art Anthology's Velvet in Aloha to bottom half of canvas. Don't be afraid to add it a little to some areas.

Next add Art Anthology's Velvet in Fiesta. Also, add some extra to edges and sides.

Next lightly spray Art Anthology's Coloration Spray in Patience to top of canvas.

Then Spray Ink Spot at the bottom of canvas, lightly.

Then add Art Anthology's Colorations Spray in Granny Smith.

Then glue your wood cut letter or word to canvas.

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