How to make a healthy wrap with spicy meatballs

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Ingredients: turkey/chicken mince, corn wraps, oregano (fresh), chili and tomato pesto/chili paste , kale mix/other vegetable mix you like , rapeseed oil

Ingredients for dressing: honey and dijon mustard

Tools: bowl, chopping knife, teaspoon, chopping board

Tools cont: Oven proff tray/baking tray, brown greaseproof paper

Tools cont. : spatula, non-stick stir-fry pan, tablespoon, non-stick regular pan/microwave to heat the wrap.

Mix the mince, chopped oregano and pesto/chili paste together. (The pesto I used contain many different spices, so feel free to add garlic powder , salt etc if using plain chili paste)

Drizzle some rapeseed oil on the baking tray. Roll mix into balls (Use tablespoon to measure the size) . Put in the oven (200 degrees celcius for 20-25 mins).

While the meatballs are in the oven: prepare the veg. (My stir-fry mix with kale took 3-4 mins to prepare, so I waited until my meatballs had 5 mins left). Put aside.

Make the dressing: 1 part dijon mustard to 2 parts honey. Make as much as you need.

Heat the wrap 1 min on each side on medium high heat or in the microwave for 30 sec.

Take out the meatballs: they are done when golden and cooked through.


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