How to make a spring flower collage wreath

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I always have a stash of leftover flowers I keep on my craft table when it fills up I love making stash projects like this one. If you want to buy flowers, I recommend Petaloo flowers available online

Start with your larger flowers first- and glue them on different areas of your great- the inside, top and outside. I used 9 large flowers as "anchors"

when gluing the larger flowers, go all the way around with dabs of hot glue so you can for the flower around the wreath

Now its time to start adding the smaller flowers in. Don't think too much about the color, shape and size at this point! Just glue away! But here is a tip...

Start at the inner part of the wreath, and go all the way around until you meet where you started...

Then work another layer up and so on and so on, until you get around the edge. Don't worry about the back unless you are going to "free" hang it where both side need coverage

I took some tiny leaves from the flower packages to catch any bad spots where the foam shows through

at the end I take a little nail brush and gently go over the flowers to "pick up" all of those loose hot glue strings

I hung with just a simple sheer ribbon so all the glorious flowers show through

I left the back clear of flowers and you can't even tell- but I would only need an handful more to cover the back

here is a close up

I used Petals Burlap collection, velvet hydrangeas, darjeelings, and flora doodles

Watch the video: Flower Art Idea: A collage of Silk Petals on a Printed Canvas

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