How to fold a paper crane

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First we fold our paper, from one corner to the opposite corner, then do the same for the other two corners.

When you do step 1, the paper should be folded as shown, after you do these folds, undo the paper back into a square.

Now fold your paper in half both ways, and keep the last fold folded.

Now you need to open the paper slightly, then push the corner in to meet the points on the top of your fold, and follow the crease line to fold this step.

Make sure the open side is pointing up, then grab the corner and fold it inward following the middle crease line as your guide. You will do this fold 3 more times, for the remaining sides.

The folds should come out like this.

Now unfold the previous folds

Open the fold as shown.

Now fold in the sides, and make sure to follow the crease in the paper as a guideline. Then fold the remaining side just as you did.

After the folds, the paper should look like this, then do the same to the other side of the paper.

This is a side view of what your finished folds should look like.

Take the top of the paper and fold the corners down all the way.

The fold should look like so.

Now take the short corner and fold it inward halfway to the middle, while following the point on the crease line.

The fold should look like shown. Fold the remains 3 short sides the same as you did this one.

This is the finished fold of the three sides.

Now take and fold the three sides toward each other, and make sure that the small folds do not unfold themselves back out, they must remain folded for the rest of the steps.

The fold should look like this.

Now take the top, one sided side, and fold it down to meet the points with the two points on the bottom.

The fold should look as shown.

Now take and fold the sides towards one another as shown.

Take the points, careful to not grab the underlying two points, and fold them downward. These will be the wings.

The fold should look as shown.

Now take one of the two top points and push it down as shown, then squeeze it together from the sides of the head to make it flat.

It should look like this.

Now put your thumb where mine is shown, close to the most inward part of the wing, and hold it tight along with your other thumb on the opposite side. After your in place, pull it slowly outwards.

Hooray!! You're all finished my friends, now you know how to make a paper crane.

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