How to make deluxe plantains

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Add cut plantains into a small pot and bring to a boil. At the same time add two large eggs.

Leave the stove on its highest setting for about 10 minutes. The goal is to make the plantations soft enough but not mushy.

They should look something like this. Tip: your fork should be able to run through them but not completely break them apart.

Now it's time to dice up your seasonings Tip: For best results chop finely

Like so..

Great ! Now for the next step turn your drove down about two notches and let's strain or plantains and eggs.

Strain but Lee half the water in the pot it will create part of a delicious sauce for our plantains and eggs

The amount of water left in the pot should look something like this

Add about a teaspoon of butter the water and stir. This will create a sizzle in your pot and help your plantains to crust up a bit.

Add your chives, onions an seasonings.

Prepare eggs by slicing and use A large knife to transfer into the pot. Ideally we don't want to dice the eggs because it's not a 'background singer' so to speak. It's best left as shown here.

Throw your eggs in the pot and stir it lightly. Try to preserve the shape of both the plantain and eggs without turning it into mush. Add chilli pepper to taste. And your age done !

The last step is easy. Just enjoy! - happy cooking

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