How to study leaves

This is a leaf study, in which I study how to draw and paint leaves.

I started by sketching them in my art journal with a pencil.

Because I picked these leaves off a plant from outside, the life expectancy is limited, so I took a photo of it to reference once they have gone limp.

I started painting them with Limeaid Velvet because that was lightest color I found in the leaves.

I painted the entire drawing with Limeaid Velvet as the base.

Once I had the base color painted in, I erased the pencil lines as best as I could.

Next, I shaded with the next color of green, Shamrock Velvet.

The third shade of green I use is Emerald Gemstones.

I go back and forth with all three colors until I like it.

Here it is. It's finished with all the greens.

I painted a layer of Frost Clear Coats over the all the green areas and the outside of the frame on the page.

The Clear Coats (as well as the Sorbets) act as a resist to water based colors.

I sprayed Concord Colorations on the lower portion of the page and Waimea Bay on the upper portion of the page, having them blend where they meet.

I dabbed up the Colorations from the leaves and the outside frame. Look how much the Clear Coated area resisted the Colorations so perfectly!

I added sketch lines around the leaves and stems with a black ink pen. And, I added some shading with black charcoal and a black Stabilo pencil.

I sprinkled the entire page with Raider Coloration to give it some texture. I finished it off with a quote and a white pen.

Until next time...

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