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Draw your still life. You are drawing grapes. Draw them big enough to add value inside. Overlap them and vary the size (some big some small).

Draw a leaf. Your leaf can be anywhere you want as long as it's attached to your grapes.

Add at least one spiral vine by your leaf.

Begin adding value in your grapes to turn them into form. Remember to draw a thick line of charcoal on the pencil lines, wrap the tissue around your finger to blend. You can erase any mistakes.

Complete all grapes.

Draw a line down your leaf.

Blend with tissue.

Draw lines for the veins in your leaf.

Blend with tissue.

Erase smudges around leaf and grapes

Trace spiral vine.

Add white highlights using white chalk. Do NOT blend with tissue.

Color gaps in between grapes with charcoal. Congratulations! You created successful form with charcoal!

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