How to cook rotisserie chicken in blodgett combi

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Set up the Blodgett Rotisserie Roast system for Chicken Here is the Blodgett Enamel Coated Pan

Here is the Blodgett Rotisserie Rack

Put the Blodgett Rotisserie Roast Rack in the Blodgett Enamel Pan

Set temperature of 375F. Set Internal Core Temp of 180F Set to 33% humidity put fan speed on Turbo

Season chicken in large bowl

Place seasoned chickens on the Blodgett Rotisserie Roast Rack. Be sure to keep the breast plate open on holder for best airflow.

Blodgett Rotisserie Rack will accept eight 3 1/2lb-6lb chickens

Be sure to insert the Core Temp Probe in thick of breast

Blodgett BX-14 will accept four fully loaded Blodgett Rotisserie Rack system. With a total of thirty two birds. Be sure to keep the breast pointing out.

Shut door Press start

Open door when alarm sounds

Fully cooked full load

Finished product

Even Browned Rotisserie Style Chicken

180F core temperature reached

180F core temperature reached

All thirty two birds done to perfection

Use oven mitt to handle Blodgett Rotisserie Rack

Lift Blodgett Rotisserie Rack out of Enamel Pan

Carefully invert Blodgett Rotisserie Rack to allow roasted chicken to release

Fully inverted Blodgett Rotisserie Rack ensure release of roasted chicken

Captured chicken fat from cooking process

Pour warm chicken fat in deep pan collection

Advantage of Blodgett Enamel Pan all cooked on fond easily falls off

Standard Hotel pan with cooked on fond will add cleaning time

Fully captured rendered fat from all thirty two chickens easy to transfer to refrigerator to chill into solid state for use as cooking fat or for simple disposal

Very little chicken fond residual in cooking cavity of Blodgett BX-14 Combi Oven. No extra fat down drain and buildup in your fat trap, with minimal cleaning needed

Set Temperature to 212 Set to 100% Humidity Set Fan to Gentle Set time to 15min

Place soiled Blodgett Rotisserie Racks in oven

Press start When finished use hand shower to rinse completely


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