How to create a simple card with fabscraps elegant chic

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Cut a cardstock piece 10"w x 6"h that coordinates with your patterned paper choice. Score in the middle at 5"

Cut a piece 5 1/8"w x 4 5/8"h from 006 Flying Bird. Start on the right side, 2" down, & tear diagonally down the paper as shown in the photo & adhere to the front of the card 2 1/8" from the top.

Cut a piece 5 5/8" w x 2"h from 005 Shabby Flowers and adhere at the top as shown.

Cut a string of bling, pearls, whatever you desire, and adhere where the two patterned papers meet, 2 1/8" from the top.

Fussy cut one of the pieces from 001A Journal book and adhere to the front of the card using foam to pop it up.

Add flowers as desired and you are finished! Thanks for checking out my Snapguide. I'd love it if you leave me a note and tell me how you found my guide. Thanks so much!

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