How to make stilton and mixed onions quiche

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Peel and chop the carrots

Put the carrots in a pan with some olive oil and a splash of water

Slice up all the onions, save half of the red onion for garnishing

Add them to the carrots, and lower the heat, season with salt and pepper. Cook for 10-15min until soft then set aside and let cool down

In a bowl grate the Emmental cheese

Crack the eggs in

Add the cream

Season with pepper and nutmeg

Whisk everything together

Cut the stilton into small crumbles

Stir it in the onions mix when cold, so that it won't melt

Coat a baking pan with flour and then phillo paste. I like to wrinkle the extra one around the edges, but you can cut it flush if you want.

Place a small quantity of cream egg mix in the coated pan to form a base layer

Add half of the onion and cheese mix, then cover with some more cream and eggs. Repeat with the remaining onion and stilton mix

Pour the remaining cream and eggs mix on top. Bake for about 20-30min in a 200C preheated oven, until it start browning on top

In the meantime take care of the garnishing. Finely slice the remaining half of the red onion

Add the onion to a pan with some sunflower seeds oil

When the onion starts softening add the brown sugar to the pan

Stir well until the sugar starts melting

Add the vinegar in and turn the heat to high.

Keep stirring until the vinegar evaporates

When the quiche starts browning on top take it out of the oven

Garnish the top with the caramelized onion

Bake for another 10min


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