How to make caramel shortbread

Mix together the flour and the sugar

Add in the softened butter, and mix until you get a soft and smooth dough

Like this

Put into a lightly greased pan and bake at 180c degree for 20 minutes( don't forget to make some holes with a fork)

Let it cool completely, smells amazing... Mmm..

For the caramel melt in the butter

Add the sugar and mix until it dissolves

Take off the heat for a while, add in the condensed milk stir and bring back to the heat

Stir constantly for 8-10 minute until it starts to thicken

As it thickens pour immediately into the shortbread and spread evenly..

For the ganache melt in the milk chocolate over a double boiler

Let it cool and pour over the shortbread. Take to the fridge for several hours.

It is absolute delicious... Great taste

Look at that beautiful layers.. So just enjoy it. And thank you for watching guys ️️

Watch the video: Caramel Shortbread Squares Millionaires Shortbread- with yoyomax12

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