How to live the full life like my momma taught

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For My Sweet Momma! Vadis Jo Cornett Jones. I Love You Dearly.

Momma bought a fixer-upper farm house with land. She fixed things herself by learning as she went or bartered for getting things fixed. She didn't hire people to do what she could do herself. DIY!

If she had a big job to do on the farm, she invited everyone over that she knew.. laid out a big spread of food..fed them and worked together to get the job done. Home cooked food = Free Labor!

To make our yard pretty..we would dig up plants growing at abandoned areas or overgrown ones. She taught us what plants could be divided and what gave seed. She never bought plants. Free Green!

Momma planted a garden every year..and taught us how..then, we taught ours. She canned, froze, dehydrated, and had a potato cellar to feed us all year till next harvest. Grow Your Food!

She kept the freezer full of hunted animals, fish caught, or farm animals that were bought young from farmers that had too many. We knew what was in our meat because we Gamed it! or Raised it!

She taught us about food from the trees. We'd pack buckets to the neighbors, asked to pick up fruit off their ground, then she'd make it into jelly or a pie. Then we'd give some back to them. Share!

Things she did have to buy from the store, she learned how to buy on sale, coupon, and how to get the best deals. She taught that to us as children. Bargain Shop!

Instead of going on big one time costly vacations..she bought things that could be enjoyed at home, getting the most from her money. Make your home a place to vacation. Home Sweet Home!

Our trips were staying with relatives that had moved off, free sightseeing stops on the way and eating bologna sandwiches with garden tomatoes that she packed. She gave us Exploring with Family Time!

We did our chores.She had a job for every size. Every person helped. We did tasks together till it was done. She taught us how to work as a team, how to complete the job and be responsible. Work Hard!

She taught us that a girl can swing a hammer..a boy can make a pie. She taught us everyone can do anything that they set their mind to. Be Yourself!

And she taught us how to play. Most play is learning a skill. Playing with baby dolls today is taking care of your own later. Helping Papaw drive a boat will definitely come in handy later. PLAY HARD!

I am her first born and hold her teachings close and then teach my children. Thank you Momma for every lesson. I love you. Happy Mother's Day!

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