How to make a tissue ghost

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Two pieces of tissue

Take one side and squish it into a ball

Stick the squish into the middle of the other tissue

Form the head and gently twist the neck

Pinch to hold the neck in place

There now time to draw on a face can be anything from ^-^ to o.O to >.< u get the picture haha

Im gently pressing the head forward so that its facing me and I can draw better

Got the eyes now to the mouth

Hehe be careful it is tissue and it will take in your marker ink so try to draw by tapping or not letting it rip and leak

I got a highlighter and drew in some Pink cheeks

Now that ur face is drawn on take a piece of tape and get ready to hang it somewhere for decoration

Tada ! Your cute Lil cheap and easy ghost decoration :) if u need a bigger ghost - just upsize it i even used a white garbage bag and did the same thing to make it for outside :D

A bigger boo !

Happy halloween !

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