How to make organic protein bars

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Ingredients (some of mine were not organic this time - don't judge !) ;-]

Spread the almonds out evenly over the baking paper on your cookie sheet - roast for about 10 minutes on 360F (checking/turning regularly so they don't burn !)

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Mmmmm doesn't your home smell wonderful !? ;-]

And into the food processor with your almonds !

Add coconut oil...

Maple syrup...

And (NON-VEGAN; optional) honey ! Careful... much honey will make them REALLY sweet !

Add as much or as little of each ingredient as you around a little ! See what gets you the right consistency of "almond butter" !

You'll have to keep scraping down the sides of the food processor - you could alternatively just buy almond butter, but that's just no fun, is it !

That's starting to look smooth enough...I like some almond pieces in my bars !

I decided to process the chocolate and plums last minute because my last batch crumbled a bit too much for my liking ...

Spread your oats out evenly on the same cookie sheet and toast for a similar amount of time in the oven, making sure they don't burn...

Yummy toasted oats !

Combine tasty almond butter mix with your oats as evenly as you can - otherwise you'll lose oats as you munch !

Ok, so my mixture turned out too sticky this time and - after a serious(ly sticky) nervous breakdown trying to spread them out - I devised this ingenious plan...

To cover the mixture with another sheet of baking paper ! This allowed me to push the mixture outward from the middle until it was flat and filled the cookie sheet !

See how beautiful that is ! Flat and uniform !

Put them in the freezer to set...

Yum ! All natural protein bars ! No added sugars, powders, or chemicals with scientific names. The power of the nut !

You shouldn't really let them get too hot though because they start to crumble (no hot yoga for these babies!)" expand=1]

These will stay in the fridge for some days (not that they will last that long !) ;-] You shouldn't really let them get too hot though because they start to crumble (no hot yoga for these babies!)

Thanks for stopping by ! Feel free to comment, like or follow for more inspired creations ! Check out my real estate page at

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