How to make brownie protein bar (flour-less, sugar free)

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Measure out 2/3 cup black beans soak for at least half an hour and cook until soft (i use rice cooker and set delay timing to 30 mins)

The bean should be almost triple in size so if u use can version, drain wash and drain. The dry content should be almost 2 cups. Rest for it to cool down.

I use chocolate flavored isolated soy protein, you can use whey if you want. You can replace my sugar free maple syrup with honey or agave or the sugared version of this. But i prefer lower sugar.

I use hand blender to blend this. U can go for food processor if u like. Preheat your oven to 350f or 180c

Add all the ingredient into the mashed bean. And blend again until really smooth. My recipe mildly sweet do add some brown sugar honey or agave if u like sweet. It's protein bars not sneakers. LoL!

Add chocolate chip. I wanna go hardcore so i add the cooking semi sweet chocolate buttons instead. Save some for decoration tho.

Spread on to greased baking pan. And decorate. Bake for 15-20 minutes

Cool the pan on rack. If there should be any lumps and bumps on the surface, press them down gently with your finger.

After completely cool down (about an hour) stick into the freezer for at least 45 minutes for the bar to set.

cut into bars. This should yield 10 bars the size of sneaker's.


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