How to make turkish tea ice cream

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5 tea spoon of Turkish tea I used. If you don't have it. Try using 3 table spoon black tea and 2 table spoon earl grey tea

brew the tea with turkish tea kettle. If you don't have kettle you can brew tea leaves with 2 cups of boiled hot water for 13 min. Or you can brew it with milk

When tea is brewed pour it to a pan you should have approx 2 cups of dark brewed tea. Then Reduced it to quarter cup on the pan by boiling.

Mix 5 egg yolks and half cup sugar (125 gram) stir until turns in to light yellow

After tea reduced add two cups of milk and 1 1/4 cups of cream or heavy cream depends on how tick you want your ice cream.

Add two tea spoon of vanilla extract and stir everything 2 min in low heat

Pour milk and tea mixture to sugar and yolk mix slowly tempered.

Stir it make sure everything mixed evenly

Pour mixture back to pan

Stir it on medium heat 10-13 min so it gets thicker like custard

When it gets thicker pour it back to container wait until cool down. You may cover with heat resisted stretch so it won't form a tick skin. Put it in to fridge keep it 6-12 hours

Take ice cream maker which was on the fridge at least 24 hours

Pour ice cream mix we prepared to cream maker turn it on stir mode keep it running for 25-30 min

Pour ice cream to a container and put in freezer for extra couple hours to get even harder.

Enjoy the ice cream

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