How to make chinese spring rolls

Preheat the oven

Get all your ingredients ready

Weigh the ingredients

Remove any bones from the chicken

Dice the chicken

Ensure it's chopped in SMALL chunks

Bring some water to the boil

Add the rice noodles, cook for a few minutes

Prepare the veg, finely sliced.

Using a potato peeler, peel the carrot into fine stripes then slice into batons.

Drain of the noodles

Put all the veg in a bowl together (pepper, carrot, bean sprouts)

Add crushed garlic and ginger

A tablespoon of oil

Allow the pan to smoke

Have your ingredients ready

Fry the chicken in the wok for 4 minutes

Add the bowl of veg, constantly stirring

Take of the heat

Getting the spring roll pastry sheets ready

Lay a sheet in a diamond shape in front of you

Add some mixture in the centre

Fold over the bottom edge

And both the sides

Roll up

And again, get a new pastry sheet

Add mixture to the middle

Ensure it's all in the middle

Fold the bottom up

And the sides

And roll

Stick the last edge in using a dab of water

When they're all rolled up, put them in a baking sheet

Glaze with oil or egg yolks

Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes(or until golden brown)

And serve. This could be done with a chilli dip.

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