How to bake parisian apple tart

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The ingredients are for two tarts. The frangipan (almond paste), the apples and The topping

You need a baking sheet and a food processor (if u have one) otherwise u can use your hands. A rubber spatula will b helpful

I am using a bought pate feuillete. U can use a classic tart crust

The frangipane ingredients. Almond meal 250 g, 150 g soft butter, 150 g sugar, 2 medium eggs=100 g, ...1 drop of almond extract... It is very strong. You could do without it.

You need 5 apples or more. Depends on the size of the crust

These are the ingredients for the topping before baking. Butter 40g, brown sugar 40g, and cinamom

Put on the oven 180 centigrades

Make the almond paste. In a food processor, put the almond meal, the sugar and the butter.

Few pulses

Add the eggs

You get sort of a spreadable batter.

Put the prepared crust on a baking tray

Spread the almond paste

The crust is ready with the almond paste 'frangipan'

Prepare the apples. I don't peel the apples. They are organic.

Cut in thin slices like above

Start putting the apples over the almond paste.

Voilà ready for the last step before baking

Sprinkle brown sugar, dust with cinnamon and distribute butter cubes. Bake at 180 C 45 mins

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