How to roast garden fresh tomatoes & garlic

This recipe is completely up to you and how you cook. I offer this as a guide only.

The only thing you need to follow is this: you need tomatoes, a big cookie sheet / roasting pan, olive oil and an oven set at 450°. That's the basics. Everything else is up to you.

I use tomatoes in all stages from green to ripe and one or two heads of garlic depending on how I feel.

Wash your tomatoes and slice them as thin or thick as you like. I do mine at 1/4 inch thick / rough guess. Pile them on the sheet then drizzle olive oil over them. Roughly 1 tsp of oil per slice.

Once you get the olive oil on the tomatoes, sprinkle on the Dried Sweet Basil, Sea Salt and Sugar. The sugar helps caramelize the tomatoes and cut some of the acid.

Stick 'em in the 450° oven and set your timer for 30 minutes. After 30 mins turn the tomatoes over and do another 30 minutes. They will be kind of soft and messy but trust me it's going to be great.

You want to cook off all the water which may or may not take as long as mine did. Just depends on how many tomatoes you get on the sheet. Just keep an eye on them after the first 30 mins.

That's it. It's easy and simple. If you don't like Garlic don't use it. If you don't like Basil don't use it. Adjust this guide anyway you like but stick to the basics. Happy Cooking :0)

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