How to build a flat coat rack for all your stuff

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This is an easy idea on how to build a flat coat rack that you can use for all your stuff and much more - for example when friends visit...

First of all you need to drill holes, two for each hook.

Use a horizontal distance of 35 centimeters (14 inches) and a vertical distance of 21 or 22 centimeters (9 inches) between the hooks. This is a golden ratio and will look natural.

To make the drilling easier we used a wooden pole (8 foot long), measured and then drilled the holes in it.

When you have done this, you just put it on the wall, drill the holes and move it 35 centimeters / 14 inches to the next position. Repeat until you're done drilling...

Use a water level to make sure the pole is straight.

We chose foldable hooks. They're perfect because you won't need all of them at the same time.

Make sure to leave room on the bottom for the chairs and the table.

Assemble the IKEA Kausby chair and saw it in half (or saw it in half first, then assemble it, works even better). Attach the IKEA Lalle table legs to the shelf (IKEA Ekby Karl).

Use L-brackets to mount the chairs and the table on the wall.

In the end, chairs and table should look like this.

In case you have a door that might crash into your modern piece of art-like coat rack, install a door stopper.

Start hanging things on the hooks. Only unfold the hooks that you actually use.

You can put things on the chairs ...

... or even hang something on there.

The hooks are great for jackets, but smaller stuff like dog leashes will work as well.

Scarfs, handbags, gloves, hats - everything will find its place.

The whole installation is very narrow - the table and chairs are only 22 centimeters deep. This will work in tiny hallways where a traditional wardrobe won't fit!

The hooks came for 3$ each, the chair was 49$, the table was 30$. Add some screws, screw anchors and the L-brackets and the whole installation will cost you about 200$.

Have creating it for yourself. If you need more inspiration, check out my other guides in the home category:

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