How to make phyllo dolce de leche cups

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Take phyllo dough out of the package and arrange it near your work place. I used leftovers from "Baklava Fingers" (see my other guides). Open the dough, cut rectangles about 2 in thick and 4 in long

In a mini silicone cupcake liners push one phyllo sheet

Brush it with melted butter

Then push another piece of phyllo on top of the first one

Brush it again

I used 6 pieces of phyllo in each cupcake cup. Bake on 350'F for 10-15 minutes

Ready to fill

The cups don't need to look perfect 😉

For the filling I boiled sealed can of condensed milk in a pan covered with water for 2 hours or...

You can purchase ready can of dolce de leche (caramel)

Spoon a dollop of dolce de leche into the phyllo cups

Fill all cups

Then decorate with pecans

You are allowed to take a bite

Watch the video: brownie cups filled with dulce de leche

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