How to Braid a Fishtail Plait

Start by using extensions if like me you don't have really long hair - the extensions really helps not only for length but for thickness if you have thin hair, the plait tends to disappear otherwise

I only use 3 lengths (half head) extensions and clip these from my nape of my neck upwards keeping them as low down as possible

Next create a side pony but only tie loosely - you will be taking this out later

Next section the pony into 2 even halves

Take a small amount from the outer side of one of the sections

You are going to take this small amount and cross it over to the other section. TIPhold a section in each hand and take a firm grip to hair being crossed over

With a firm grip take a little from the far outer side of that section and cross this back over to the other section

You will begin to see a X Forming. Please note I usually use both hands! - continue taking a small amount from the outside of one section and crossing it over to the other section…

It will begin to look like this

Braid all the way to the end and fix with a hair band

Next carefully pull out hairband at the top

Loosen and ease the plait so it looks more natural where the band was

And your done! Your fishtail plait is complete!

You can loosen and mess it up as much as you like - I braid mine tight because I prefer mine neat but you can braid looser for a different look

Thankyou for looking please check out my other guides :)

Watch the video: Dutch Fishtail Braid. Plait Tutorial. Shonagh Scott. ShowMe MakeUp

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