How to Make Horchata (Cinnamon Rice Drink)

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Put on low heat two and a half cups of water.

In your vessel, give your rice a quick rinse one or two times, draining the water after each rinse.

Take your cinnamon stick...

And crumble it into the rice, this will allow it to steep better.

When your water is just starting to bubble take it off the heat and prepare to pour it into your vessel.

I used an oversized stein for my vessel.

Mix everything and then lightly seal your vessel, if you're using an unusual container like me you can use foil. Store this overnight, or for 6~8 hours.

Empty it all into a blender and get ready to first blend the mixture for two minutes or so.

Then liquefy it all until the rice granules are extremely fine.

Line your funnel with a single layer of cheese cloth over your pitcher.

When you get near the end, you can squeeze out as much of the liquid as possible from the remaining granules.

Add your vanilla to the rice milk, I used this brand since its a little more traditional, but any extract should do. Here I added a capful or 1 tsp.

Now you're free to use an assortment of liquids to go into the rice milk, you can go with water, milk, soy milk, or almond milk. Add sugar to taste and put in the fridge for two more hours.

And you're done! After a majority of the rice particles settle, you should get a clean tasting horchata, serve hot or cold.


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