How to Make Special Turkish Egg Meal "MENEMEN"

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Ingredients part 1

Ingredients part 2

Wash peppers. Hot pepper is better.

Cut heads and tails

Slice them into smaller pieces

Take tomatoes

Wash them

Peel them. Check my "how to peel tomatoes" guide.

Cut unnecessary parts an throw them away.

The heads

Cut into cubes

Pour sunflower oil into pan

Add olive oil.

Mixture. This is the hint.increase heat.

Put peppers after oil heats.drop heat.

Heat until peppers become brown.

Add tomatoes.

Mix them.

Mix them and increase heat.

Add salt


Add more salt.


Heat until tomatoes melt


Tomatoes will be waterish.


Break an egg.


Break other eggs.


Stir more


Heat some more but not too much. Eggs and tomatoes should still be waterish.


Very nice. Break a piece of bread and dip into MENEMEN. It is very good meal for breakfast in Turkey.

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