How to Make Monkfish in Mornay Sauce

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This recipe is odd. The Mornay sauce requires you to make it using Bechamel sauce, so this guide talks you through how to nake 2 sauces and how to stick a fish in the oven !

Get some monkfish season and stick it in to cook at 200c for aroun 30mins

For the Bechamel

Grab some butter, 25g worth and...

... Melt it

Throw in 25g - 50g flour. Enough to soak up te butter and make it ....

... Look like this. Keep it on the heat...

then add 500ml of milk a bit at a time. Otherwise it will go lumpy.

add some salt peoper and nutmeg pinches and...

it should look like this. This is bechhamel.

Next up. Mornay sauce

Grab 25g of cheese

Same again, 25g but of parmesan, because one cheese isnt enough

Get 100ml of double cream and mix it with ...

One egg yolk

add the cheesey stuff to a few scoops of the bechamel. Only add it to a few scoops of the bechamel sauce. The rest can be kept as spare.

With some heat, it should be complete and thick and rich.

I forgot to mention Putting some Veg but when its all on a plate, it looks and tastes amazing.

Watch the video: Grilled or roasted monkfish with black olive sauce and lemon mash

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