How to Smoke Baby Back Ribs on a Weber Kettle Grill

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Combine all dry ingredients listed above Weber grill in supplies for the rub, blend in a coffee grinder or spice mill if possible

Break out that beautiful package of ribs, we've got some maintenance to perform

You CANNOT skip this step, removing the membrane. Slip a dull knife under the membrane along one of the middle bones.

Get your fingers under there

Start pulling membrane up slowly

Pull until it all comes up. Make sure to do this to both racks.

Pour a little bit of vegetable oil on all surfaces, this will help the rub adhere to the ribs

Get that rub on there, be generous with it. If possible use plastic gloves to apply the rub to prevent it sticking to your hands.

Yes, the back too!

Now let them chill out at room temp for 30-60 minutes. It's time to prep the grill.

Our Weber Kettle grill.

Some beauty Canadian briquettes

Let's get the fire going! Remove your top rack and place chimney starter in grill. Pack the bottom with 2 pages of newspaper.

Fill the chimney about 2/3 full

Make sure bottom vents are all the way open.

Light that newspaper!

One trick I learned is to start your propane BBQ up and close the lid on your top grate, easy cleaning!

Getting there!

About 20 minutes in you should be good to go.

Dump those flaming coals into the Smokenator. Don't make the same mistake as me and do it wearing sandals, ouch!


Have your foil pan filled with some water, maybe 1/2 inch or so.


Place top rack on. I purchased a hinged rack, it's so worth the investment, makes it easier when you need to add more coals and/or wood chips. Close the lid and let grill heat up for 20 minutes.


Our combo of wood chips, mix them all up. I find it unnecessary to soak them, only cools down your coals and makes ashes blow up.


Add one handful of wood chips on coals and start laying down your ribs.


Make sure the ribs aren't touching.


Pretty babys


Close that lid! In about 20 min add the second handful of wood chips and that's it. Leave the lid closed, if you're looking you ain't cooking! Maybe once an hour add 8-10 coals to maintain the heat.


Plan on doing this for a while, you've got the time!


Alright we're about 3 hours in and looks like we're done. You can see here where the meat has pulled away from the bone about 1/4 inch, beautiful!


Those racks are ready! Let's make our sauce now.


Combine all ingredients listed under the hardware stuff in a small sauce pot and cook on low stirring often until it's mixed and heated through.


Just like that, your own BBQ sauce, you WILL taste the difference! You can remove from heat now.


Finishing touch is to apply the sauce. At this point I've fired up my propane BBQ for the potatoes, so I'll use the extra space for my ribs.


Over direct low heat, brush on the BBQ sauce. Don't stray too far, the sugar in both the rub and sauce can easily flare up.


I like the ribs somewhat "gummy" - so they only get about 15 min on the BBQ with liberal applications of the sauce. Cut the ribs individually before serving with an extra brush of sauce.


See the pink? That's the coveted "smoke ring" only found in properly smoked meats. Great success!

Watch the video: 3-2-1 RIBS - TRAEGER SMOKING

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